The big game is over and after a lackluster event, there was at least one exciting moment. Well, Adam Levine went shirtless and that might have stolen the night. Don't tell Brooke from Boise that because we surprised her with a brand new 55 inch Samsung 4k Television.

Brooke and Dario were our finalists for the "Keke and Kat Big Gameday Upgrade" that ran for a few weeks. Congrats to all of our winners who instantly took home some Hot-n-Ready including Boise Music Festival passes.

We originally told Brooke that she didn't win and ended up surprising her at the last seconds with the waterworks rolling. We definitely got tears from this Boise State graduate who was ready to replace her baby inch television for a nice 55 Incher!

Thanks to our friends at Little Caesar's Pizza who gave away thousands of slices of Hot-n-Ready to our runner-ups. There is nothing better than a $6:00 dollar Hot-n-Ready! We'd like to also say thanks to Dario in Kuna for inviting us out. We brought out extra pizzas to his big game party on Sunday.

Thanks to all of our contestants and make sure to get in for our "One Wicked Night with Keke and Kat"

Photo by: kekeluv