Okay, so let's just say we've seen this story before. Does anyone really pay any attention to what might happen? I mean it's great for us to get the hype on the Broncos and for Bronco Nation to start thinking about a trip to Dallas on December 28, 2019.

The truth is we really don't know and I just watched Wisconsin dismantle Jim Harbaugh's #11 ranked Michigan. The Broncos are projected to play Wisconsin in Dallas Cowboy headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

The Boise State Broncos just moved up 4 spots to #16 in the AP poll ahead of Coach Pete's Huskies, Michigan, USC, Texas A&M and the crown jewel - UCF. One of the upsets of the weekend was that UCF game against Pitt. The University of Central Florida was the only team standing in our way of a big bowl game IF they went undefeated. If BSU and UCF went undefeated those guys would probably get the bigger game. Considering they lost to an unranked opponent this could be a problem if BSU runs the table. The real question is can the Broncos do it.

I guarantee Coach Harsin doesn't want his coaches or players thinking about bowl games but that's what fans are for. We'll do the thinking for ya coach!

Air Force v Boise State
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BSU has already gotten by some troublesome opponents like the Florida State Seminoles, Marshall, and Air Force. We've seen Bronco teams drop the ball for losses in big moments in the past just like most teams do. These aren't NFL players. They play college ball which means they have class tomorrow. BSU has always had to work harder as that underdog and I think the Broncos are back in that class. These guys are looking good and the real story is it's happening behind a freshman quarterback in Hank Bachmeier. I hope they can protect him because he continues to take big hits.

Will the Broncos go undefeated down the road and will we need to rush out after Christmas dinner to Dallas, Texas? Here are the two games you wanna keep an eye on looking forward (I'm not analyst just my opinion).

The Broncos should sail by UNLV on October 5, pick up wins against Hawai'i, San Jose State, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Colorado State. The two games that are barely leaning towards the Broncos are BYU and Utah State. Both of those games are on the road and in hostile territory against any ranked opponent. If BSU doesn't trip up against Hawai'i at home, stays healthy going into BYU and wins; these guys will have the underground buzz going on. The Broncos can beat BYU like #14 Utah did in week one. #24 USC ran into trouble week three losing to BYU by 3 points but got killed by the #22 Huskies last weekend 45-19. It's the environment and atmosphere that can get to an opposing team or more importantly, a freshman QB.

Let's see what happens but it's a good thing the Broncos have a week off. No football on the blue or away for BSU this weekend and that's good for some of the injured players.

Everyone stays healthy the Broncos should be on their way to one of the big bowls this season

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