Buster Bronco is a beloved part of Boise State Athletics. You can see him at every home football game sporting a #0 Boise State football jersey and a #54 orange basketball jersey for basketball games. He is the spirit of Boise State Athletics and the ultimate hype horse. Buster Bronco bleeds blue and orange.. or does he?

Boise State's very own mascot may be leading a double life 1,500 miles away from here in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I was astonished (and a little offended) to learn that Western Michigan University's mascot is ALSO a bronco whose name ALSO happens to be Buster!

For the record, Buster Bronco of Boise State has been around since 1932. He didn't start hanging around Western Michigan until 1981 and wasn't formally adopted by WMU's athletic department until 1988. So yes, Bronco Buster has been with Boise State far longer than he's been with Western Michigan.

Now we know we can't be the only bronco mascot to exist. There are plenty of other broncos out there like the Denver Broncos, of course. They have two official bronco mascots - one named Miles and the other Thunder. These are obviously two completely different broncos. But Buster Bronco?! Sorry WMU, but the college sports scene ain't big enough for the two of us.

If Boise State really wanted to, they could trademark Buster Bronco as a mascot just how they trademarked their iconic blue turf. As for Buster Bronco, it's time to decide where the loyalty lies. Pick a team, Buster.

The resemblance is honestly uncanny!

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