Do you need a new sports bra?  Buy one this weekend at Fleet Feet in Meridian and you'll be helping Treasure Valley Girls in need!

This weekend Fleet Feet wants your to "Support The Girls!" They're running a buy one, donate one sale at their store in the Village at Meridian.  The event helps girls in our community become more active and healthy by giving them access to properly fitted and quality sports bras.  Many girls shy away from exercising or playing sports because they feel embarrassed by their breasts or uncomfortable with them during physical training.

Fleet Feet is teaming up with Treasure Valley high schools to host bra fitting days where their expert staff can fit female students with a sports bra that's right for their size and physical needs, order them and have them delivered to be distributed at the schools.  The girls will get a chance to try those new sports bras out during a running form clinic hosted by Feet Fleet.

How big is the need for these sports bras?  Kimberly and Brandon at Fleet Feet shared these stats with me:

  • Only one ligament supports breast tissue
  • There are no muscles in breast tissue, that means that ligament could have to support up to 12 pounds for a girl with DD's
  • 25% of women don't work out to their full potential because of breast bounce
  • More than 40% don't wear a sports bra to exercise or feel they have to wear multiple bras to be comfortable
  • 80% of women are wearing a bra that isn't fitted correctly

Ready to "Support The Girls?" Visit Fleet Feet at 3573 E Longwing Lane, Suite 105 in the Village at Meridian.