There's something magical about watching just about anything on a big screen. These days, you can buy real big screens for your home and ALMOST feel like you're at the movies...but nothing beats a truly, BIG screen.

We've been locked up in our homes for long enough this year. The release of new movies is essentially non-existent.  Have you considered hitting up a drive-in?

If you didn't know this, we've got a drive-in theatre right here in the Treasure Valley, off of the Nampa-Caldwell Boulevard. They're open Thursday-Sunday nights showing a lot of different fan favorite movies.

Next week, however, you'll be able to watch one of the most anticipated events in the NATION, maybe even the world, at the Terrace Drive-In Theatre in Caldwell.

No matter how you lean politically, the first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is going to be a showdown and all entertainment value aside--an important moment in American politics.

The entire debate will be shown on the big screen, for free, on Tuesday (September 29th) starting at 7:00 p.m.

Pull up, grab a parking spot, and sit back to watch the (hypothetical) fireworks.

The Terrace Drive-In Theatre is located at: 4011 S. Lake Ave in Caldwell, Idaho.

As stated on their Facebook event:

Join Kevin Miller & KIDO Talk Radio as we watch the first of three presidential debates on the big screen!
We will be socially distanced at the Terrace Drive-In Theatre in Caldwell.
No charge for admission. Concessions will be available.
The debate starts at 7:00 p.m.
Join Kevin Miller at 6:00p.m. for the pre-debate show!
For more, CLICK HERE.

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