Caldwell High School is implementing changes this week--Wednesday to be exact.  For safety reasons and concerns, Caldwell High School has made the decision to move to a no-backpack system. According to the school, students will receive lockers to store their things.

So what WILL be allowed in the hallways? Caldwell High School says that students will be able to bring to class with them binders (standard or zip up) or small, 8.5 by 11 inch bags.

After four area schools received threats that respective police departments had to investigate, Caldwell High has been the first to take steps towards school and student safety.

Shalene French, Superintendent of the Caldwell School District said in an interview with the Idaho Press Tribune that she supports the efforts towards safety.

How do you feel about these changes taking place in Caldwell? Do you think that the ban on backpacks will keep students safer?

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