It's a unique story that has inspired us all to hear at 103.5 KISS FM.  A local high school wrestler has gone international and now there's a chance for the community to support her and the team!

Having been born and raised here in the Treasure Valley myself, I believe it is SO important to highlight the homegrown success stories that we see right here in our own backyard.  Get ready for this one.

Marissa Jimenez is a female wrestler and a senior this fall at Caldwell High School. It's not too often you hear about female wrestlers but when it comes to Jimenez--people know who they're talking about. Marissa is known to be one of the best wrestlers, hands down, across the entire State of Idaho.

We aren't joking when we say that Marissa Jimenez has gone international. She just represented the United States of America in Oaxtepec, Mexico and returned with a GOLD MEDAL.

For many, wrestling is a seasonal thing. For Jimenez and her team at Caldwell High School, it's a year long process. A fundraiser happening this weekend is going to attempt to raise money to send the boys to summer camp and Jimenez to a national tournament in Fargo, North Dakota.

If you ask us, this is an awesome, grass-roots cause.

No word yet if Marissa will be signing autographs at the car wash but I am sure that if you ask nicely, she'll oblige. Let her know we sent you!

If you're interested helping support the Caldwell High School wrestling efforts this summer, you can pull up to their car wash this weekend!

The event will be happening from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 26th at 3510 E Lake Avenue in Caldwell! 

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