If you like stories that make you feel good, this one is for you. It is simple but to this Caldwell teenage boy it was everything. I came across this story and just had to pass along the happy.

We all have bad days from time to time, some of course worse than others and our bad days are all relative. Things that happen that make your days bad are totally different from something that may make my day bad and so on. For a teenage student at Caldwell Highschool a couple of bad days in a row consisted of having his bike stolen at the high school. -Shame whoever did that!- The teenage boy then while at wrestling practice suffered an injury to his leg or foot. Either way it was something that made it hard and painful for him to walk.

Of course the injury happened just after having his bike stolen so he was forced to walk, quite a ways, home after school. As he was limping home, poor guy, Caldwell police officer Defur stopped to see if he could help and gave the boy a ride home.

According to Idaho News Channel 2, "Defur reached out to Ross Garvin with the Canyon Bike Project and asked if there were any spare bicycles for the teen. The officer told the teen's father about the bike and ended up scheduling the bike delivery earlier this month."

The teen ended up receiving a fantastic new bike thanks to the officer and the amazing work and contributions done through the Canyon Bike Project. "They rehab hundreds of bikes and give them to kids who need or want them, free of charge."


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