Pie Hole, Westside Drive In, Sakana Sushi, Sunset Park and more... Explore them all from the perspective of a tourist with Google Street view and Yelp!

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Ok, so you should have your sense of humor ready to go if you watch this video, but it's these guys Brett and Alex who travel the world, ON GOOGLE STREET VIEW! And this is pretty genius; they take you around town to different spots, restaurants, etc. and show Yelp reviews and photos of food, and they tour some nice areas, some sketch areas and they do it all in a pretty funny way. It's just chance these guys are from California and obviously there's this weird disconnect between "Californians" and "Idahoans" in this time of real estate getting priced out and all. By the way, I'm just acknowledging the obvious, we of course welcome Californians as well as new residents from other states as well.

Anyway, so they visit Pie Hole for some virtual pizza, they hit up Sakana Sushi in Boise where they boast their $1.00 sushi Mondays on their marquee. They stop by sunset park, Westside drive-in, some neighborhoods and more. It's pretty hilarious, but truly, not the best representation of Boise as a whole. This definitely highlights older areas, in fact the word "sketch" was used at one point to describe a neighborhood and they seem to skip a lot of the beauty that Boise has to offer. They certainly didn't cruise down Harrison Boulevard or anywhere in the North End but it's entertaining nonetheless!

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