Ahh, Las Vegas. Big Hotels, big casinos, big nightclubs, and big signs to jump. This week "Can Luck Jump It" takes place in Sin City at the famous Welcome To Las Vegas sign. Even though I was officially on vacation, the jump had to happen. After all, the sign wasn't going to jump its self.

We had been in the city for a few day's doing the tourist thing. Our Air BNB was located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, one block away from Freemont Street. We Ubered down to the strip looking for a Fat Tuesday. By the way, the 190 Octane daiquiri with an extra shot of 151 does the job very nicely.

The plan was to get a little saucy then walk the almost 2 miles down to the sign. The weather was a bit windy but still beautiful and enjoyable. When I arrived at the sign, I was shocked at how long the line was, but that didn't stop me, I'm a solution guy! Check the video out below to see the jump!

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