These are the types of things that I hate to see happen in Boise.  Living in Boise comes with perks - like a community that honestly, you can really trust. However, every now and then someone comes along and makes dumb decisions. Downtown Boise is one aspect of our town I always brag about and living near downtown was a must for me, when I moved back just over a year ago. Unfortunately, a young man recently stole some property from a popular restaurant and the owner is looking for him.

One of my favorite blocks downtown is near 8th and Idaho, just up the street from Mai Thai.  If you walk up this street at all, there's no way you haven't noticed the fairly recent upgrade to their patio, which entailed a very elegant looking fence with statues on the posts.

A section valued at about $500 was stolen when what appears to be a young man and woman pulled up a portion of the gate, which isn't allowed to be secured to the city sidewalk, and ran away out of the security camera's sight.

To see a photo of the two individuals, click HERE.

If you have any information or recognize anyone in the camera shot, you're encouraged to contact Boise Police.

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