It has been about a full month since we were all out and about living life as we knew it-- hitting the bars downtown, going to movies, eating out, NOT wearing face masks. Now, we face a new reality due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The last REAL night of nightlife in downtown Boise was Saturday, Marrch 14th-- "virtual" Saint Patrick's Day, if you will. One thing I have observed over my time working in nightlife here is that major drinking holidays like this usually call for a little extra craziness-- folks who don't drink often go a little too hard and for whatever reason, people are on edge in their attempts to party.

It seems that MAY have been the case that night on the 14th of March, as one suspect in an aggravated battery incident is out there somewhere and Boise Police hope you can identify him. Check out the picture, above.

Police say that he (the pictured suspect) got into an altercation someone else--the victim--and punched him in the face several times causing significant injury. The suspect also punched someone else in the vicinity in the face.

Know anything? Let Boise Police know at: 208-343-COPS.  You can remain anonymous.

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