A tragic incident has over the last 48-hours been brought to light in Eastern Idaho, as it has been confirmed that the two missing children Joshua Vallow and Tylee Ryan are deceased. The series of events during this entire investigation, which is still underway, has been pretty insane and sad.

For updates on what has been discovered so far, click HERE.

Grandparents of the children have confirmed to the public that the remains found in Chad Beybell's back yard are indeed JJ and Tylee. Now, community members are calling on all of us to come together in their memory.

A candlelight vigil for these kids is being organized for the steps of the Idaho State Capitol Building. Already, hundreds have confirmed their attendance on social media.

Organizers are asking that everyone wear Orange for Tylee or Blue for Autism awareness colors for JJ.  Masks are also being encouraged.

Open flames are not allowed on the steps so stuffed animals, flowers, and flame-less candles are encouraged as well.

For more on the event, to RSVP, and to invite friends--click HERE.

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