Having grown up a Nampa kid that drove to Boise every morning for Bishop Kelly and to Caldwell every Saturday for a haircut...I know all too much about the Canyon County stretch of I-84.

It's beat up, there are pot holes, it bottle necks around the Northside exit, and the 2-lane system is terrible. In fact, even now driving into Nampa to visit family, it's beyond frustrating as cars in the left lane never seem to be going any faster than those in the right...ok, I'll step off of the soapbox.

The big news and the reason I'm even talking about this stretch of I-84 has to do what the Idaho Transportation Board officials have approved--a major expansion costing over $100 million!  Late last week, the board approved of the funding and will be put towards expanding the highway stretch to three lanes! A new interstate, a new lane each way, this is something I can get behind!

While the approval is a huge step for the project, one more hurdle remains--approval from the Idaho Legislature. Since lawmakers aren't meeting until January of 2018, there's a bit of a wait to be hand. Consider my fingers crossed for this upgrade.

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