Curbside pickup for your food and curbside pickup for your imagination. Can you ask for anything more? Answer: Nope. The Boise Public Library (Library!) now has curbside pickup and our lives are made. 

Let's assume you've already stopped before swinging by the library so my your car smells like fries and the hot meal taunting you from inside the bag. Once you've pulled into your bright green painted parking spot near the entrance, call the phone number and someone from the library will deliver books right out to your car.

The locations participating in curbside pickup are:

  • Main Branch: 954-6777
  • Cole & Ustick: 972-8300

The new service is for those of you (us) who don't want to find parking, can't find parking or have a hard time. Then there's the car with a crying baby (I know the feeling) and all you want to do is get home and not go inside anywhere. This one's for you.

Have your photo ID and library card ready.

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