Believe it or not, Boise is no stranger to the red carpet and frankly, the red carpet loves Boise. Over the years, we have seen more and more Hollywood celebrities make their way to the Treasure Valley for various reasons. For some its vacation, for others its business, and yes--the red carpet gets rolled out from time to time, as well.

Think back to when Netflix released 'El Camino', which drove Breaking Bad fans to absolute mania. Aaron Paul and the film leadership team chose BOISE, IDAHO to be where the red carpet was rolled out for the premiere and the city was upside down. Of course for Aaron, this wasn't the first time causing mania in Boise!

One movie that certainly drew a lot of attention to Idaho in its prime and frankly, still paints us in a peculiar light, was 'Napoleon Dynamite'. After it became a global sensation, the world really though that all of us here in Idaho lived in a field and loved tater tots.

Just over a year ago, a behind the scenes video emerged that gave lovers of Napoleon Dynamite an intimate look at the coaching that went into every scene:

Behind The Scenes of Napoleon Dynamite

If you have ever watched the "Director's Cut" of your favorite show or movie, you know how insightful seeing "the process" is, behind the scenes. Now, a behind the scenes look at Napoleon Dynamite has surfaced and the internet is in love! Check out some highlights and the video itself, below!

The movie is iconic and now, it's taking on a whole new life in downtown Boise! 

The actual stars from Napoleon Dynamite: Uncle Rico, Pedro, and Napoleon himself are going to be invading downtown Boise's Egyptian Theatre to watch and discuss the world famous movie with you this fall!

The event will be taking place on Saturday, September 16th at 7:30 p.m. and literally FLEW OFF OF THE SHELVES! The event is totally sold out.

Where do we petition the Egyptian Theatre to throw a second night on???

$3 Summer Movies at Boise's Egyptian Theatre

For tickets, click HERE!

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