There's nothing that the Treasure Valley loves more that seeing 'local' thrive. Whether it's a local business, a local star, or a local claim to fame--we really know how to support one another!

For nearly 30-years, that's 28 years to be exact, one local bar, restaurant, and brewery has stood as a favorite in Boise: The Ram! Believe it or not, their 28th anniversary is coming up quick and they're hoping that you will help them celebrate.

The Ram will be offering their Ram Classic Cheeseburger and Original Ram Chips for $1.95, hearkening back to the restaurant's first menu. We'll also be featuring a selection of special cocktails served in a King's Goblet!

A King's Goblet? Sounds special!

If you're hoping to get in on the fun--the event does only go for one day: Monday, May 20th and it is only at The Ram in Boise (the location on Broadway Avenue & Park Boulevard).

We love that a business like The Ram has been around for so long--what a great local success story! Learn more about the event, RSVP, and invite friends HERE.

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