Idaho's continued presence in the national media spotlight continued Friday morning, as CBS Mornings reported from Saint Alphonsus in Boise. The story's narrative focused on health care workers who told CBS that they've gone from heroes to zeros during the Delta variant outbreak in Idaho. (We've heard that the heroes to zeroes phrase all over the area for the last several months.)

We're used to being off the grid in Idaho. Remember when Idaho was not the fastest or second fastest-growing state in the country? Or when folks would confuse us with Iowa? Those days appear to be over as nearly every national outlet has dedicated resources to covering the Gem State. 

"We've had to convert a day surgery center to now a fourth intensive care unit space," Doctor Meghan Mcinerney, Saint Alphonsus ICU Director, told CBS News. She continued with a more morbid statement. "If you're sick enough with Covid to meet me, your chances of dying are pretty high." CBS News reports that fifty percent of the patients who are intubated have died.  

Several Saint Alphonsus health care workers told CBS that the vaccination process has become politicized. One commented, "I thought this would bring us together, not pull us apart." The plight of Idaho's health care workers has been the subject of reports from ABC News, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and now CBS. One Saint Alphonsus doctor asked about wearing her scrubs out in public. The doctor replied that she is reluctant to wear them not because she doesn't feel unsafe but does not want to put out a sign that she is a health care worker.  

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