Public Health is a hot topic these days--of course, we use that term lightly because by "these days" we are really referring to the last few years. Ever since COVID-19 changed the world as we know it, health, vaccines, hygiene-- all of this came into a new light on center stage.

Sure, we survived a pandemic that lasted two years, a ridiculous earthquake here in Idaho that scared all of us for a minute, and nothing seemed to come to fruition with those killer hornets. The new talk is Monkeypox and it's making our skin crawl just thinking about it.

The viral infection is now present in Idaho and it is similarly spreading around the United States of America. What's the deal with this infection? Well, it causes painful sores on the body and it spreads from close contact.

Many are asking if there's a vaccine to offer some protection and yes--there is.

If you're concerned about contracting Monkeypox, you aren't alone. While vaccines have been rather controversial over the last couple of years, science really does prove that vaccines are effective and if you are someone at high risk for contracting Monkeypox--the CDC is hoping you'll consider vaccination.

The following groups of people are encouraged by the CDC to be vaccinated:


  • People who have been identified by public health officials as a contact of someone with monkeypox
  • People who are aware that one of their sexual partners in the past 2 weeks has been diagnosed with monkeypox
  • People who had multiple sexual partners in the past 2 weeks in an area with known monkeypox
  • People who may be exposed to orthopoxviruses in their jobs, such as:
    • Laboratory workers who perform testing for orthopoxviruses
    • Laboratory workers who handle cultures or animals with orthopoxviruses
    • Some designated healthcare or public health workers


Good luck out there, Idaho--and make sure you're safe about human contact. Nobody wants the Monkeypox!

Learn more about the virus, HERE.

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