I'm a lover of food and being Hispanic myself, I'll always have a soft spot for Mexican Food. I didn't know until earlier today when a friend text me jokingly that it was National Burrito Day. Now, I've got to find a way to celebrate.

Looking for a great burrito to get for dinner tonight? Tap in below, I've got my top 3 ideas--in no particular order, below.

1. La Tapatia

This little store front Mexican restaurant off of Parkcenter Boulevard in Boise is a hidden gem. I can't tell you how many times and for how many years I have driven by La Tapatia on my way to and from work. Never did I imagine the low key spot would be as amazing as it is.  I had some of the best fajitas ever here, by the way. However, it's National BURRITO Day and I can say, from experience, this spot has some of the best and most fresh burritos you could order for dinner tonight.

2. La Flama

La Flama on Fairview Avenue is a solid spot for everything from tacos, to molitas, to burritos. Much like La Tapatia, driving by La Flama has been a thing for years and when I finally tried it one day I was so happy. La Flama may be a drive-thru destination (there is a small dine in area too) however it's truly gourmet. Their burritos are authentic and this place is one of the only ones in town that can make me sweat with some hot sauce the way that I love!

3. El Chavo

While it's known for being a great taco truck on Overland here in Boise, it's actually great all around. Pop by and order a burrito tonight--I can guarantee you won't be disappointed at all. By the way, make sure you hit the ATM, El Chavo is cash only!


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