I was a young, chipper 19-years-old and in my second year of college at Gonzaga University. I had grown up for years without having pets around the house and so I really had no idea what I was missing out on. There was one year that my parents got me a rabbit that I named Baxter...but Baxter lived outdoors and we never really saw him again after a few weeks of living in the back yard. Yikes.

Well, after dating my first serious girlfriend ever in college who had a cat, I had no idea that I would ever LOVE cats the way that I have grown to. I always assumed that they were rude and smelly-- don't ask me why. After learning how cool her cat was, I was determined to get one of my own. I searched online and found someone with a foster cat up for adoption that was just 5-weeks old. I drove about thirty minutes out of Spokane to adopt who is now my first-born, Piccolo (pictured above) and I have never looked back--nor could I ever imagine life without that little creature running around my house and being my friend!

Pet people LOVE their pets and so having a "national day" dedicated to that is honestly a little bit silly. The only thing that pet people love more than their pets is talking about them. In honor of this day dedicated to loving our furry friends-- tell us all about YOUR pet(s) and post up some photos!


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