Here's a confession: I spent all day today thinking that it was November 3rd. Plot twist: that was yesterday.

So, what does that even matter? Well-- it means the National Sandwich Day deals that I was looking forward to for lunch are completely null and void today.  Yesterday, Sunday, November 3rd was National Sandwich Day so if you had no idea like me, you'll have to celebrate for a few more dollars and a day late today. Story of my life. Jimmy John's, Subway, Quiznos, Jersey Mike's, Firehouse and more were all celebrating yesterday.

I should admit, posting up on these "national days" always ends up well for me because we get some GREAT suggestions out of it. So here we are, looking for who YOU think has the best sandwich in town.

Below you'll find my suggestions...but please, don't hold back on yours!  Tell me which place I NEED to try out!

  • 1

    Even Stevens

    The sammys here are off of the hook and the restaurant has such great vibes! You can SMELL the goodness from the moment you walk in-- great for your classic subs done great.

  • 2

    Lemon Tree

    Located in downtown Boise, this spot makes an AMAZING sandwich and is a local spot which is always important to me! Support Boise, Boise! These sandwiches are far fancier than you're used to from just any sub shop.

  • 3

    Deli George

    This place has been a Boise staple in the sandwich game for YEARS and there's always a lunch crowd. From basic to complex-- this spot has a sammy with YOUR name on it and you NEED to try it out if you never have

  • 4


    Ok so it's a tapas and wine bar but they've got a sandwich I couldn't NOT recommend. Are you a fan of ham? The Jamon Sandwich is once of the best you'll ever have.

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