Records Are Made At The Vinyl Factory In Hayes
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It's Vinyl Tuesday at the Record Exchange in downtown Boise!

Collecting music and listing to albums on vinyl is one of my favorite things.  I've always had a fascination with listening to music on vinyl records and it's something I started when I was in high school.  I love listening to music on my record player because there's no skipping back and forth between tracks--I can do that on Spotify anytime.  When I put an album on my record player in the living room, I can listen to the ENTIRE album and appreciate the music.  Not only does it make me appreciate the art of the album as a whole, but I really believe it captures the full sound of the music.  I love relaxing with some great music on at home-- I could live with no tv, but music is another story.

If you're like me or maybe you've been interested in checking out which records (and there are a ton) that The Record Exchange downtown has to offer-- now is your chance!   Every Tuesday is Vinyl Tuesday at the Record Exchange!  For every $25 that you spend in NEW records, you can receive $5 off of used records.  When I think "used records" I used to think of dusty albums from artists only my grandparents would remember.  Turns out, the Record Exchange has a vast collection of used records from artists I love--a lot of the old school hip hop I go into buy, are used!

Be sure to check out this Vinyl Tuesday special today, and let me know what you think!

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