Celebrities in Boise. Celebrities in Idaho. Celebrities are obsessed with us, y'all.

We know that our area is growing--but over the last 6-9 months, it seems that the place we call home--the world's worst kept secret--is growing even more popular among the stars of Hollywood. From Kardashians and Jenners to Bad Bunny and Mark Wahlberg--the paparazzi had best set up a satellite office in the 208 sometime soon!

Recently, a popular and well-known band was in Boise and couldn't help but rave about one of our favorite local restaurants.

Here's a look at how one well-known band is all about Idaho!

Music Icons Give Major Props to Boise Burger & Fry Joint

We know that celebrities are growing fond of Boise and the State of Idaho these days--but now, they're learning (and endorsing) some of our favorite local treasures, too!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Did you spot REO Speedwagon hanging out in Boise this summer? 

Often times when celebrities are spotted around town--they're here for business, for a getaway, or they are just passing through. What we believe makes this visit and sighting so special, is that REO Speedwagon came by Boise Fry Company intentionally.  

In fact, the band says that they had experienced Boise Fry Company before and had to come back...

I just happened to discover this place on a walk through Boise last year. I returned for more last week, and brought along my REO brothers. Being in Idaho, home of Famous Potatoes, and having been raised on burgers and fries, I was powerless. I had to go back!

How cool of an endorsement is this!?



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