If you're like me and you shop at the Albertson's on Broadway Avenue in Boise near Boise State University--well, you're going to need to find a new spot to do some grocery shopping. Just this week, demolition of the long standing Albertson's began--a location that has been open for over 40 years.

Across the parking lot from where the current store is being demolished is the NEW version of this store--one that is nearly twice the size of the old one and is set to open by June of this year. However, the concept behind it is on hold. This new locaiton was to be named "Markey Street Idaho", a new concept from Albertson's. However, after re-thinking--Albertson's corporate executives have decided to stick with the "Albertson's" name. They feel the legacy of this long standing store has a heritage feel in the neighborhood. With Albertson's Stadium just feet away, they feel it would be appropriate to keep a store near by, as well.

Looking for a summer gig? Over the next two months, there will be a few job fairs as the store plans to hire 200-300 people. We'll keep you posted on those dates.

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