In my very best DJ Khaled voice... "anotha' one!"

That's right, another awesome place in downtown Boise to have some alcoholic beverages at...the twist? It's a Cider House! Apparently there are only 30 cider houses in the country and that makes this the first of it's kind in Boise, or Idaho for that matter.

I was scrolling through twitter this evening and came across THIS little game changer:

So here's the scoop. We don't know when the official opening of this cider house is slated to be but we DO know where it will be. 224 South Ninth street is the address-- right on the corner of 9th and Bannock. A total of 20 cider taps are to be installed featuring Meriwether's finest, but will feature some regional favorites as well. They'll also aim to feature ciders with natural flavors only-- nothing over the top artificially flavored.

For more, check out Boise Weekly's coverage, HERE.

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