Going out on Friday and Saturday nights in Boise is always an insanely good time.

Just to quickly highlight a few of the options downtown, there’s:


  • Live music at Pengilly’s
  • Arcade games and a stripper pole at Karma
  • Mechanical bull at Roddy’s
  • Rooftop bar at Reef
  • Pool, darts, shuffle board and sports at Silly Birch
  • Moody vibes and delicious drinks at Whiskey Bar
  • Rocky Johnson handing out dildos at Hannah’s 
  • Nightclub scenes at Amsterdam and Strange Love


And these are just a few of the options downtown. 

However, there's also a major downside to these bars: the downtown scene tends to get old reeeeeally fast.

It’s the same handful of bars, they’re all so loud that it’s hard to even have a conversation, and it’s nearly impossible to get a drink on the weekends because they’re extremely overcrowded.


So, where should one go then, to mix things up?

Well as it turns out, there’s quite a few bars in the Boise area that many locals don’t even know about or haven’t ever visited before!

Listed below are seven places that you should totally consider checking out this weekend.

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