Horray! The Boise River is lowering! Now it's time to clean up around our homes where we were once trying to keep the water away. Grab those sandbags and dump them in these designated locations. 

Ada County officials have created drop-off locations where you can take those used, soggy sandbags (actually, with this weather, they may dry out) to an assigned dumpster.

The used sandbags will be accepted at the drop off locations until July 7. The locations are as follows:

  • Expo Idaho in the West Parking Lot (5610 Glenwood)
  • Riverwalk Park in Star (1000 Main Street)
  • Eagle Fire Station #1 - parking lot (966 Iron Eagle Drive)

Once you get to the site, empty the sand out and dump the bags.

If you don't take advantage of these drop locations, the disposal of the sandbags at or around your home will be your responsibility. Maybe create a little beach at your house? I don't know.

If you're going to toss the used sandbags on your own, you are being encouraged to find a place to dispose of them and not put them in your personal garbage can. Just think of how freaking heavy that will be to dump. I can see it now: The trash is picked up at your house but the bottom falls out of the can and you aren't getting rid of anything at all. I mean, sure, this seems more like a cartoon but it could happen.

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