It's the first city in the Gem State to rename the 80-year-old holiday.

After a 5-1 vote, Moscow City Council has decided to rename Columbus Day as 'Indigenous People's Day' in Moscow, ID. Why? According to the Moscow Human Rights Commission, Columbus is a symbol of genocide, and not deserving of the honor of having a day celebrated in his name. It's also worth nothing that Moscow was originally founded on land belonging to the Nez Perce tribe.

The facts get a little watered down as far as Moscow being the first city in Idaho to rename Columbus Day. They are the first city to do so, but this has happened before in Idaho. Both Boise State and the University of Idaho have already been acknowledging Indigenous People's Day. Not far from us, Seattle and Spokane have been observing the same.

Is everyone renaming the holiday and starting anew? Not exactly. Alaska, Vermont, South Dakota and Oregon don't officially recognize Columbus Day as a holiday.

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