March Madness is underway and while things didn't end well for Boise State, one Idaho tie really came through in a big way--and went viral, too.

Yale, who was playing in Spokane, Washington, was unable to have their band with them for the big dance. It was the band from the University of Idaho that stepped up and played for them in Yale t-shirts--even learning Yale's fight song--on game day!

The moment encompassed everything that is great about March Madness, Yale got a huge win in Spokane, and now, the entire State of Idaho is receiving one big thank you!

It's clear that the Governor of Connecticut was very thankful for the University of Idaho's band during Yale's March Madness run! 


How about that-- a thank you would have been one thing, but full on declaration!? We love it! In fact, who would have ever thought that Connecticut would have a day dedicated to Idaho? We're willing to bet a lot of their residents couldn't even find us on a map!

Major shoutout to the band at the University of Idaho for the random act of kindness--going viral was cool, but just being a great group of students that leaned into a need speaks volumes of you all!

This isn't the first time that the University of Idaho has gone viral!  Just take a look at their football coach, Jason Eck, who made a major splash in a pool and on the internet a year ago!  

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