When someone asks you what it is like to live in the Treasure Valley, what do you say? What about when someone asks you what you LOVE? There seem to be a handful of popular answers that folks here in the area cling to and brag about.

When I'm asked that question, one thing that I really brag about is the fact that here in Boise, we get four VERY distinct seasons. No matter how short or mild they may be (see this past winter), you still know we've shifted into a new season. I love getting hot summers, cold winters, and all of the fun that comes with fall and spring.

If you're a local like myself or if you have been here in the Treasure Valley for a minute, you may actually know that there is a top secret fifth season that nobody brags about: construction season.

It seems that as soon as it's ok to start working on the roads here in the Treasure Valley, the big orange cones go up.

Canyon County: brace yourselves for more as the Idaho Transportation Department has announced that I-84 will be going down to ONE LANE between Nampa and Caldwell.

Traffic in this area has already been bad enough lately--especially during the day. I guess that is the good news surrounding all of this: one lane will only be in effect during the nighttime hours-- it will start at 10:00 p.m. and be opened back up by 6:00 a.m. for that heavy morning commute. The single-lane pattern will be in between Exit 29 in Caldwell and Exit 33 in Nampa.

While ALL of this construction no matter the time of day has been a complete pain lately, we can't wait for the work to be done already so that the freeway expansion will make commuting better for all of us!

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