Cheers to the ordinary, not something I usually say but I'm glad they're now going with a more "traditional" intersection design at Eagle Road & State Highway 44. Here's what we dodged...

I wrote about this in early February: That the Idaho Transportation Department was going to go with this crazy new design called a continuous flow intersection, for the intersection of Eagle Road and State Highway 44. Based on the sounds of it, this was going to become the most confusing intersection in the entire state, and that's saying something if you've ever used that weird intersection that now is Cole and Victory.

Well, now the Idaho Transportation Department has changed their plan. They said they've taken another look; not sure if that was due to pressure from residents of the Treasure Valley or if they just decided this was too intense for that particular intersection, but here's the new, more traditional plan, according to their press release:

When complete this fall, the revised lane configuration will eliminate displaced left turn movements and potential wrong way driver confusion factors while still greatly relieving congestion during peak commute hours. The new Eagle Rd. and ID-44 design will include additional left-turning lanes and will replace short free free-running right turns with longer right turn pockets.

Obviously this is something that has to be remedied, and I'm glad that it will be a bit more traditional, and perhaps, even quicker to complete without all the "extra" configuring they're going to do.

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