If you have ever been in downtown Boise while the weather is nice, odds are you've heard the screaming and chanting coming from a bike bar. Or, perhaps you've been "stuck" behind one...

After a series of complaints, Boise City Council has brought bike bars to the table of discussion and many are waiting to hear if these will be changing as we know them.

If you have never experienced one, a bike bar uses the power of it's riders peddling to move them around downtown and are particularly popular among bar crawls. You may bring your own beer or wine to drink while you peddle and according to the Boise City Council meeting, have been subject to many complaints for noise, disturbance, and disorderly behavior over the years.

The feedback from City Council members thus far has been a little all over the map, however more restrictions could be coming to the bike bar scene before a complete BAN. These could include noise restrictions and banning any sort of "reaching out" to those not on the bike for high fives--a popular practice.

We'll keep you posted as this unfolds.

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