It's amazing how everything in life changes when you begin having children. It's just the number of things that open up your mind versus when the only person you took care of was you.

The COVID-19 is impacting our cities killing people and in the beginning, it was being told that older people were more likely to contract the virus. I feel like that changed so many times and this latest report gets to me nervous. Kids are catching.

They say at least 85 kids around the United States have caught this rare and mysterious COVID-19-linked illness. NBC News is reporting that seven states including Washington D.C. have reports that prove kids are catching a form of this.

64 of these cases have been found in New York state and unfortunately has the largest number of cases to date. I was watching a news clip of these poor kids with terrible inflammation that is linked back to COVID-19. I read that this is the result of a child's immune system after a COVID-19 infection.

I'll list the news report so you can get more information. My son had some serious health issues in the first few years and we don't play when it comes to his health. Good information to know. I will also post up some notices from Saint Alphonsus and St. Luke's in the Treasure Valley. Just give you some knowledge of what's happening here.


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