It's disgusting and odds are, it could make your skin crawl. This video that is really starting to take off (and was actually the reason that Idaho was trending on Twitter late last night) could be what keeps droves of people from moving into our great State of Idaho. Rumor has it, that's the goal, right?

We see the facts, figures, and statistics all of the time. Boise has been one of if not THE fastest growing city in America. Even during a global pandemic, more people moved to Idaho than any other state in the nation.

Yes, the secret is out.

Yeah, we hear about Mormon Crickets every summer but something about this video just makes me want to jump out of my skin. 

Idaho is full, there's no room here, oh--and these crickets are everywhere--sorry, everyone! As described in the National Geographic video below, they're "really big, juicy insects". 



Another video showed more crickets crossing. Honestly, I'm shocked we can't hear these things walking they're so dense. 


If you're unfamiliar with Mormon Crickets, these things are huge insects that can grow up to 3-inches in length and yes, you can find them around Idaho a lot during the summer months. Along with being pretty invasive to the environment, they're actually really dangerous when they cover roads. In years past, we've see these things infest roads leading up to mountain towns like McCall, Idaho--and they make the road slippery! 

It's a hard 'PASS' from us on these if you're thinking about moving up here to Idaho--MAYBE you should thing again! 



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