Weddings are supposed to be the most wonderful day in a couples life, yet we all know that between figuring out who to invite and more importantly who not to invite, the bridesmaids, wedding colors, a venue, flowers, music, food and a honeymoon destination things get complicated real quick. Bridezillas and Monster-in-laws develop overnight and what is supposed to be a beautiful union turns into a negotiation greater than the Brexit deal. Let’s make life a little more interesting and add COVID-19 to the already sticky situation.

Remember that perfect venue you had picked out? If it is located in Ada County say goodbye… After yesterday’s CHD’s decision that limits social gatherings to 10 people, weddings will either be really small or will have to be moved. Venues is Canyon County have been filling up quickly and the price is following the demand. On a positive note, if your relationship can survive the trials and tribulations of a COVID wedding you’re probably going to make it over the long haul.


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