Throwback to 12-months ago when none of us knew what was about to happen as we approached an inevitable shockwave from COVID-19 here in the Treasure Valley.

Apparently, even with some light at the end of the tunnel, we are still facing a potentially difficult football season.

It was really exciting to see just a few days ago, the Boise State Football account on Twitter was sharing early photos of spring practice. With Boise State fans eager to see this team back on the blue and with a ton of excitement surrounding Andy Avalos and the new coaching staff, it's obvious that this city and this program are just READY.

With some big games on the schedule this year, like a road test at UCF and a home battle against Oklahoma State, we want to see our Broncos getting as much practice in as possible!  We would rather see this halt in the spring, however, than during the season!




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