For many of Boise’s newest residents, one of the biggest appeals of living here is that the city gets to experience all four seasons. 

Photo by Alexandra Vo on Unsplash
Photo by Alexandra Vo on Unsplash

However, we’re willing to bet that no one told them that there’s a fairly good possibility of experiencing at least three of those seasons in the span of a week. Case in point? Last week and this week!

When we checked the 5-day forecast on Monday, May 2 and saw temperatures near 80 degrees predicted for Thursday we thought an on time opening for Roaring Springs was a sure thing. We were so wrong. By Saturday, May 7, what would’ve been opening day, the temperature plummeted 20 degrees, putting plans to start the season on hold by at least a week.

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And now? There’s actually snow in the forecast for the morning commute on Monday, May 9! According to Kody at Treasure Valley Weather HQ, perhaps the most trusted forecaster in our area, there’s quite a bit of uncertainty of how much will fall and accumulate where. He goes on to say “My best guess is that the best chance will occur in the foothills near 3,000 feet and above, as well as Ada County, points to the south and east.” There’s a chance of wet snow again on Tuesday morning. With so much uncertainty, he’ll be posting frequent updates that you can follow HERE.

By Sunday? We're looking at temperatures close to 80 again. Boy, is Spring in Idaho a wild ride!

We cringe at the idea of snow in May, but how common is it? We dug through the data on the National Weather Service’s website to find out!

How Common is May Snowfall in Boise?

You asked. We found out. The National Weather Service has 123 years of data to trace the latest snowfall of .1" or more in Boise. May snow is NOT typical for our area, but there have been traces of snow as late as June in 2008, 1954, 1950 and 1914. Here's a look at the history of May snow in Boise.

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