My hometown has a problem, and it isn't crime, noise, traffic, or something you would typically read in a news article. It has to do what's flying above it-- and no, it isn't noisy jet planes.

The problem in Nampa these days? Crows. Yes, those creepy black birds. Over the past few weeks, hundreds of crows have been flocking to downtown Nampa and making a "mess" if you will.  Yes, we're talking about bird poop.  It's everywhere--covering sidewalks, store fronts, street benches, cars, and more.

So how does a city handle something like this? Nampa has given their police department permission to shoot them, as of late. According to the Nampa Police Department, they've been taking the evenings once downtown Nampa clears out, to shoot pellet guns between calls, at at crows. While officers noted that they feel a difference was made and the crows have been coming into downtown LESS since they began shooting at them-- it's definitely only a short term fix.  The city continues to search for a long-term fix to the problem.

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