Whether you watch The Bachelor or not, seeing what the bet payoff will be makes it all so very worth it. Chris Cruise feels like my bet for him will cause permanent injury.

There are two females left. Vanessa is someone Chris has wanted to "win" this whole thing from the beginning. It's likely that he wanted to win her from the beginning but I digress.



Vanessa is this independent, family-focused career woman. She's someone that may not be a good fit for Nick because she has an established life and Nick doesn't seem to into it.

Bachelor Nick's dad was interviewed about Vanessa and his opinion is this:  “You have to not just love the person, but you have to be willing to give up — you have to sacrifice. So no, love’s not enough. It’s commitment. It’s selflessness. I really could feel her emotion, but it was a little bit of fear that she could hurt Nick."

Then there's Raven. She's a cute southern belle who was so worried about saying "I love you" to Nick but then convinced herself to do so on the overnight date. Before the overnight business happens - whatever they do in the Fantasy Suite (I think we all know).



Who will be the ONE to capture Nick's heart tonight?

Chris and I have a bet. He's team Vanessa and I'm Team Raven. What's that mean? One of us has to pay.

Tawsha Loses: I have to come to work the rest of the week without filling in my eyebrows. Seems tame, right? I'm massively insecure about it and my hair is so light to where people will always say one of two things: 1. You look so tired. 2. Are you okay?

Chris Loses: I am putting contacts in his eyes. He's such a wuss when it comes to contacts and I can't wait to watch him throw a fit.



Who do you think Nick proposes to?

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