In a gallant effort to chip away at my "Dad bod" as I like to call it, I've been sticking to a vigorous workout plan at Crunch Fitness in Boise. Three days a week I am meeting with a trainer who absolutely kicks my butt! It doesn't help much that my trainer is ripped and uses our training session to work out too! I am naturally a competitive person and therefore feel like I need to keep up with him, even though I am not remotely on his skill level. In these past few weeks I have been feeling sore in places I never knew existed! I'm trying to be cool and keep my complaining about my soreness at a minimum, but it isn't easy. I have been doing the standard tylenol, drinking lots of water, BCAAS, and epsom salt baths. I try and stretch when I can. But does anyone have any miracle tricks for easing sore muscles!? I'm absolutely open to suggestions! I know I am a few more whiny days away from my wife freaking out on me! Please, if you have anything you do to ease your sore muscles drop a tip in the comments. Thank you in advance!

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