If you find yourself at a bar more often than the gym, then we have something in common. So, why not combine the two?? KegFit is a local fitness community based out of Boise, Idaho whose mission is to keep people active and keep people drinking at our local breweries.

Imagine a variety of workout stations set up with kegs (hopefully empty) around your favorite brewery for you to lift, squat, lunge, and everything in between. But don’t worry, they save the best for last because after you finish your morning workout, you get a refreshing “recovery” beer. And for those of you reading this that are thinking 10 AM is too early for a beer, just know that we can’t be friends.

Head over to Lost Grove Brewery this Saturday, January 21st and join KegFit for their 80s themed workout! Rock out to all of your (mom’s) favorite music and come in your brightest Richard Simmons inspired workout outfit! There are only 30 spaces available so make sure to sign up early; admission is only $10.

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