The weather is getting warmer and that just makes me want to get in the car, roll the windows down, turn the radio way up and drive. The thing about doing so is that all of a sudden your hair is blowing in the wind and your #summervibe is at an all time high just like your speedometer. Before you know it you find yourself going five or ten miles per hour over the speed limit and if you're lucky you catch yourself before the traffic cops do. Unfortunately, lately I've seen more and more drivers experiencing the latter. Is it the weather that allows motorcycle cops to patrol more often, Is it that more people are on the road since returning to work in the office or is it that speed traps are alive and well in Boise?

During a @kissboise IG poll drivers reported seeing more speed traps in Boise and the surrounding areas lately. Here are the 3 most popular ones according to our listeners.

1. Park Blvd - Motorcycle cops tend to hang out in front of the Albertsons corporate office buildings. They hide in the parking lot and catch non suspecting speeders heading into downtown Boise.

2. 13th St. & W. Myrtle - The connector ends and the speed limit goes from 60mph to 45 to 35 and before you know it your morning commute includes a conversation with the traffic officer who hangs out in the Pioneer Title parking lot.

3. S. Orchard / W. Lake Hazel - This is a great back road with no stoplights that is labeled at 45mph but because it feels so desolate people tend to lose track of their speed and the motorcycle cops are very much aware of this. One listener who drives this road every day wrote "The last 3 out of 5 days I've seen someone pulled over by a motorcycle cop on this road"

I know it's easy to lose sight of the speed limit and sometimes it's not intentional but be mindful because apparently it's traffic ticket season in the Treasure Valley.

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