Every year since we began "cycling to break the cycle" at The Village at Meridian, we've seen hundreds of groups, clubs and organizations coming together to do team rides.  We've also noticed those quiet individuals who come out to ride for themselves or someone they know.  Have you picked your day to cycle in 2017? Maybe these theme days will help you choose! 

2017 is the 10th Anniversary at Live for 175 in the Treasure Valley and there's nothing more we'd love than to see the people who mean the most to you get together and ride on a day that holds special meaning to them! Check out the list of our "theme days" and sign up for a bike!

Saturday, April 22nd: Blue Out

Blue's long been the color of Child Abuse Prevention Month.  From the blue "Pinwheels for Prevention" you see lining the grass outside the Ada County Court House, to our blue Live for 175 wristbands and blue ribbon stickers, you see the hue all over the place all of April.  This year we want to paint the Treasure Valley blue for the kickoff of Live for 175 so wear so much blue that people are forced to ask you what's going on! It's a great way to bridge the topic of child abuse and spread the message "it shouldn't hurt to be a child!" Sign up HERE.

Sunday, April 23rd: Family Day

The conversation about child abuse starts at home.  Not sure how to bring it up to your kids? Why not start the conversation with us at Live for 175.  Bring the kids, their cousins, aunts, uncles, etc and cycle with us on Family Day! Sign up HERE.

Monday, April 24th: First Responders' Day

When a child abuse call comes into dispatch, police officers, paramedics and fire crews are often the first to scene.  On Monday, we salute these men and women for their service to the community.  Every year that we have a police force on the bikes, we learn more about signs of child abuse and what to do if you suspect a child is being abused.  Come find out those answers and meet those local heroes on First Responders' Day at Live for 175! Sign up HERE.

Tuesday, April 25th: School Spirit Day/Crazy Sock Day

Can't we all agree that one of the best parts of being in school was "Spirit Week" where you got to wear all your school colors, some of the wackiest outfits ever and really tall funny looking socks?  We're bring "Spirit Week" back at Live for 175! Get together with your teams, clubs and classrooms and show us how you'll stand up against Child Abuse! Sign up HERE.

Wednesday, April 26th: Denim Day

We're proud to partner with our friend from the Women's and Children's Alliance to spread the word about Denim Day. There's a really great inspirational story about standing up for victims of sexual violence that inspired the internationally know "Denim Day" celebration.  Read about it here and grab your jeans to come out and pedal with us on Denim Day! Sign up HERE.

Thursday, April 27th: Military Appreciation Day

If there's one thing we'll always remember about the first year of cycling to break the cycle, was the amount of ladies that started to request to cycle along side our friends from the United States Army.  Since then the Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard have all come out to support us during Live for 175.  On Thursday, we want to show our appreciation for them for their service to our country. Sign up HERE.

Friday, April 28th: Health Care High Fives Day

Where would we be without the nurses, PAs and doctors that so selflessly dedicate their lives to saving children?  Our friends at St. Luke's and St. Al's are always so good with the little ones when they're sick or injured and they often see the effects of child abuse first hand.  If you work at one of the hospitals or a doctor's office who works with children, we want to see you on Friday! Sign up HERE.

Saturday, April 29th: Superhero Day

Let's be honest, YOU are the real superhero for being part of an event that literally changes lives of victims in the Treasure Valley every year...but today, why don't you dress like your favorite? Break out those old Halloween costumes for an extra special Superhero finale day! Sign up HERE.

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