For the sixth year in a row, Treefort transformed downtown into a giant party. There was music and beer and cider and  yoga and skating and tech and films and the best of the best all gathered for five days straight. Just as I was going through withdrawals, they say they're doing it again next year!

What other event could make you feel so much pride in your city while entertaining you for five days? I always meet the coolest people and wonder how it's possible that I hadn't met them yet. Also, drinking beer and cider from little glasses at noon pretty much topped it all off. Oh, and music. All the music!

Year six for Treefort was their biggest year yet. My fiancee Janice and I were going through her old Treefort wristbands and looking at the schedule and it was just a little festival with bands for a couple of days... then a few days... then five days. The planning and behind the scenes part of this event would blow my mind. It's really cool to see something local continue to grow and grow because it's something we want to be part of.

Treefort VII: Wednesday, March 21 - Sunday, March 25.

If you've read all of this information and made no connection because you actually don't know what the event is, that's okay. It was me two years ago. The me now already has a 5-day pass for next year.

Take a peek at the daily recaps to get a feel for it all. Meet you at Alefort next year?

Day 1



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Day 3



Day 4



Day 5

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