Last night, we had a great time hosting our first ever 103.5 KISS FM Purse Party. It was such a huge success and getting to be in a [large] room with forty winners (socially distanced of course) was such an amazing time. As everyone got checked in, ordered some food, turned in their tickets for a free beer courtesy of Lost Grove Brewing, and mingled- I had the chance to walk around and meet so many of you IN PERSON. One of our winners and her husband really stood out to me. She shared that it was their daughters eighteenth birthday last night and that she both registered to and DID, VOTE. Both parents were so proud of that and it really gave me a glimpse of hope. Voting is cool.

Did you plan to vote this fall by absentee ballot? According to the Ada County Elections Office, a lot of people did...and it continues to break records.

Now, before you accuse me of promoting voter intimidation or something-- I WANT YOUR VOTE TO COUNT. That's why I'm sharing this.

If you mail your ballot it now, it's not going to get where it needs to in time.

All over the Treasure Valley there are ballot drop boxes that you can swing by to leave your ballot in. Interested in seeing where those are located at? CLICK HERE.

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