I spoke to Tonya from Boise who explained how she made it through divorce by accepting the pain it comes with. She shares some advice after looking back on how difficult the experience was.

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I can find a statistic to prove every point about why you shouldn't get married. I can also find the ones the debunk all those same reasons. You can't base what your marriage will do according to what happened to a neighbor. We can only go off experience and try to learn.

Statistics do show that average length is around eight years and the longer you wait to get married, the longer it lasts. Those are facts. Surprised? Think about it logically. We get so caught up in fairy tale endings that we lose sight of our own common sense. Do you think the guy ACTUALLY exists in The Notebook, The lucky One, Dear John, Deadpool, How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days, or anything Zac Efron (from my poll with women). Ladies! Ladies! If you believe that then I have some great things in my crawl space to sell you.

All of that said and we'll save most of it for another blog, how do you handle that heartbreak? You meet the Zac Efron of your life and realize it's the Zac from Neighbors. You married the wrong man or woman.

  • It stings.
  • Burns.
  • Hurts.
  • Depresses.
  • You feel like a failure. Nobody will ever love you like that again.
  • I can't even think about ever dating again.
  • I just want to sleep.
  • I'm not wanting to talk to anyone.

I think everyone has been on the giving and receiving of heartbreak. The difference is how we handle them. I could tell you to stay busy, join a gym, stay positive, start an activity or I could show you from women that have been in your situation. Nothing speaks true like someone that has walked in your shoes.

Meet Tonya from Boise, divorced, and mother of two. She explains in a quick message how she faced pain, a few prayers, and found faith.

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