If you have spent any time on social media over the past 24-hours you have probably seen the outrage that is only getting louder.  It has become known to the public that McClatchy, the parent company of The Idaho Statesman, dismissed their top editor, Christina Lords.

The dismissal of Christina Lords is garnering criticism and outrage from fellow members of the media from all over the nation. Now, her story has even been covered by the Washington Post.

I'll be honest, the article published by the Washington Post is far more eloquent and details interviews and statements far greater than I can provide.  You can find that story, HERE.

Not only do members of the local media and beyond believe that the reason for her dismissal (according to McClatchy she violated social media terms for expression frustration in not providing Microsoft Excel for a project) but it is very clear her character is held in the highest of regards.


In a tweet that has since been deleted, Christina Lords simply encouraged those who followed her to subscribe to the newspaper-- even after being fired. 

We will continue to keep you posted on this story that is making waves in the world of journalism and impact our own local publications, such as the Idaho Statesman. 

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