Well, it could be a stretch but technically it's totally possible.  If your a Boise native or follow the world of running, I'm sure you're familiar with Nick Symmonds.

If not, Nick Symmonds is a graduate of Bishop Kelly High here in Boise that has gone on to become one of the biggest names in competitive track and field, representing the United States in the worlds games, the Olympics, and beyond. He's also known as one of the strongest voices in the world of professional athletes demanding more freedom for athletes, such as runners, that don't make as much money as an NFL star, to make comparable pay.

Let's chalk up one more of Symmonds' accomplishments-- he co-founded Run Gum. A caffeinated gum that eliminates the need to drink ounces of energy drinks.

Last night was the big fight and of course, Kekeluv and I were at Tailgate Sports Bar and Grill to watch.  While scrolling through twitter, I came across THIS tweet..

Do we know if McGregor was actually chewing RunGum? Well, we don't. I searched for answers all over the internet but whatever he was chewing, it seemed he was enjoying it. Then again, perhaps Symmonds himself saw the order of gum get shipped out to Conor McGregor.

For more on RunGum, click HERE.

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