The environment at The Tailgate Sports Bar and Grill was pretty unreal during what many are calling the fight of the decade. Kekeluv and I were in the bar hosting the fun and you could feel the energy in the air increase as we got closer and closer to Mayweather and McGregor stepping into the ring.

If you got to watch the fight or even if you just read about it, there were ups and downs through 10 rounds in the ring. Keke was able to capture some pretty great footage from our time at The Tailgate, you can see that HERE.

There was one point during the last preliminary fight that everyone in the bar freaked out...the Pay Per View glitched and all of the screens went black for a few seconds.  Luckily, they came right back on and never had another issue. However, it seems not everyone was that lucky.

Showtime Network, the network which carried the fight has acknowledged that there were people that had the viewing of the big fight in their homes, significantly effected by outages or spotty video. If that was you or someone you know, the good news is they are offering a full $99.99 refund. Apparently, the fight was even delayed 10 minutes for everyone because of some technical difficulties on the end of Showtime Network.

For more, and how to inquire about a refund if this effected YOU, click HERE.

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